Japanese cherry blossum time lapse in 360

Sakura time lapse 360

This is a time lapse tour of the local park where the propriator of MEIDANSHA CO lives in Osaka, Japan.

It was shot over two weeks in early Spring 2022. Each time returning to the same spot.

The camera used was a Sony α7RⅣ and the usual manual panoramic head was substituted for a DJI RSC2 gimbal, as the space was quite open and paralax issues could be kept to a minimum.

The shots were made with a standard wide-angle 20mm lens and shot in 5 bracket to make HDR (each panorama is made of a whopping 240 raw shots edited in Tiff).

The editing for Sakura time lapse 360 was performed in PTGui, Affinity Photo, and Topaz Gigapixel and then finally compressed to be able to be viewed even on mobile.

Finally the transition was made by using a feature in 3D Vista.

What I found personally most interesting about this timelapse was how the colour of the light changes as the pink petals grow. The initial scene is dull (though each scene was white balanced though a grey card), but the final scene is difussed by the effect of so many pink petals both above and below the camera making for a well balanced shot. The intervening shot is at sunset so the golden time effect that immeditately preceeds the difussed scene is an amazing juxtaposition to this.

MEIDANSHA is a virtual tour and all round photographic-videographic company based in Osaka Japan. Contact us when in need of professional multimedia productions in Japan.

If you wish to get in contact with MEIDANSHA, please note that all the staff are fluent in English and are more than happy to find a solution to your multimedia needs in Japan. Contact us we are waiting to help you!


秋田県マーターポート事例:KAJIMA DX LABO



 「KAJIMA DX LABO」は、2020年10月のオープン以来、冬季閉鎖期間を除く約9か月間で、2,600名以上の見学者が訪れるなど好評を博しています。

「KAJIMA DX LABO オンラインミュージアム」は、PC、タブレット、スマートフォンのいずれからもアクセス可能なため、現地に足を運ばずとも、また冬季閉鎖中でも、いつでも、どこからでも「KAJIMA DX LABO」を体験できます。言語も日本語と英語を選択でき、画面上でLABO内を移動しながら、展示パネルの情報を見ることはもちろん、ジオラマや展示パネル、フィールドミュージアムに設定したARを体験できるほか、シアタールームで上映されている動画の視聴も可能です。






撮影機材はLEICA・BLK・360Matterport Pro2です。




「KAJIMA DX LABO オンラインミュージアム」は、PC、タブレット、スマートフォンのいずれからもアクセス可能なため、現地に足を運ばずとも、また冬季閉鎖中でも、いつでも、どこからでも「KAJIMA DX LABO」を体験できます。
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